What type of cookware should I purchase?

I am looking to buy some cookware. I want it to be long-lasting and great quality, but I am not sure where to start. I heard that Kitchen Aid, T-Fal, and Faberware has great cookware but even if this is so, I am not sure rather I should get stainless steel, copper, hard anodized, cast iron, or whatever else is availble. Does anyone have any recommendations?
I heard that caphalon was decent too. I need something that is dishwasher safe.

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6 thoughts on “What type of cookware should I purchase?

  1. littlechef

    I would go with a kitchenAid. its great, long lasting and does a great job on all your foods. I’ve never used Farberware, but T-Fal I dont like because it does poor jobs on almost everything

  2. Rational Anarchist Nerd

    Having been cooking this is what I found are my bare essetnials:
    1. Cast Iron Skillet 12inches — Cheap. Just follow the directions to season them
    2. 10 & 12 inch non-stick oven safe skillet
    3. A good heavy bottom soup pot at least 10 qt.
    4. 2 qt. heavy bottom non-stick pot
    5. 12 inch stainless steel skillet.
    6. 6-8 Quart pot

    For the Skillets/fry pans your looking for a heavy pan. Basically feels heavier then it looks.

    Stock pots nice heavy bottom. Usually has a copper core. The sides can be thinish.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Amy W

    I love cast iron because once you season it it will be a non-stick surface and will last forever as long as you take care of it.

  4. postres20022000

    I have a Paul Revere set ,with the copper bottom on the outside, it is a good set, I think it is guaranteed for 25 yrs or life, not sure. I would recommend something with the copper bottom on the inside and a layer of stainless on the outside, basically you want something that will conduct heat well and with the copper on the inside,copper is a soft metal and requires special handling and washing..Cast iron is an excellent choice, but you cant cook acidity foods in them, but it will last long after you are gone..Try to stay away from “Teflon” type products as it will wear off and get into your food…Another thing to look for is the thickness of the metal if it says on the box, the thicker, the better, The heavier the pots and pans, the better too….Hope this helps…..If you want to get the best use of your pots etc, wash them by hand as a dishwasher is too hot for the handles and too harsh on the metal.

  5. Obamas Shoes

    Try a restaurant supply company for equip. Kitchen Aid makes great mixers but don’t go cheap on them. They do not make such great pans.

    Everyone should have a 10 or 12 inch cast iron pan.

    Copper is a waste of money and hard to clean.

    I’d go with a heavy aluminum with a stainless steel inner lining. I have been using the same 9″ saute pan like that for 20 years and it is still like new. I think it is a Chefware.

    The French cookware made with cast iron and coated with enamel is really great but oh so pricey– like $75 a pan or more. If you can go used that is pretty amazing stuff. I forget the name off hand though…

    Also :Avoid cookware with hollow handles, they heat goes up the handles and they get hot. I only use pans with a metal handles that are riveted to the pan.

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